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Monday, 11 May 2009 17:19
G.RUN quality management is based on HACCP, i.e. on the hazard analysis of critical control points, with a view to maximising the safety and quality of company products. By implementing HACCP, we also achieve better utilisation of our raw materials, a more comprehensive view of the situation, and quicker responses to any problems that might occur. In addition, using HACCP for on-site control serves to facilitate relations with public authorities and fish processing regulators, which in turn will increase the confidence of each party.
See our quality policy here
Our quality management system is based on seven basic principles, broadly expressed as follows:
  1. Conducting a hazard analysis, which pinpoints probable risk factors at every stage of production in order to assess the probabilities of risk occurrence and to determine preventive measures.
  2. Identifying critical control points, which are those places, procedures and/or production stages which must be controlled in order to preclude or minimise risk.
  3. Establishing critical limits in order to ensure the management of each significant control point.
  4. Establishing on-site monitoring along with organised measurements that can determine whether critical points are under control.
  5. Deciding on and implementing corrective actions, if checks and monitoring indicate that a particular point inspected is not under control.
  6. Determining verification procedures, such as investigations or extra measurements, which reveal whether monitoring remains effective.
  7. Preparing written procedural rules and establishing record-keeping in accordance with HACCP principles, in order to complete the introduction of our quality management system.
In addition to G.RUN's internal quality monitoring system, our operations are inspected regularly by public sector bodies. The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority conducts inspections to check that the handling, production and distribution of fish and seafood conforms to the provisions of laws and regulations, while the Surveillance Authority of the European Free Trade Association supervises whether Icelandic authorities are ensuring that operations adhere to European Union legislation on the preparation and handling of fishery products.
Finally, we at G.RUN receive frequent visits from our customers, who keep a close watch on whether our business fulfils the most stringent requirements. We take pleasure in welcoming both present and potential customers who wish to stop by and take a look at our activities.
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