Fisheries Management

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Monday, 11 May 2009 17:17
G.RUN operates within the framework stipulated by the Act on Fisheries Management. Systematic fisheries management is a precondition for it being possible to utilise fish stocks in a sustainable, responsible manner. Iceland has developed a fisheries management system in order to ensure responsible fisheries; this entails the maintenance of fish stocks and proper care of the marine ecosystem. Icelandic fisheries management is principally based on extensive research into fish stocks and the marine ecosystem, on fishing decisions derived from scientific advice and on the active surveillance of fishing and total catches. These are the mainstays of Icelandic fisheries management, intended to ensure responsible fishing and the preservation of marine resources in the long term.
 The Directorate of Fisheries administers the laws and regulations on fisheries management and monitors every aspect of fishing. Its website is here:
G.RUN supports the Statement on Responsible Fisheries, which was presented by bodies connected with the Icelandic fishing industry together with the Minister of Fisheries, Marine Research Institute, Directorate of Fisheries and the Fisheries Association of Iceland. This Statement should help provide enlightenment on the Icelandic fishing industry and on Iceland's approach to fisheries management; the goal is to achieve responsible fishing and responsible treatment of the marine ecosystem surrounding Iceland. The Statement is addressed to everyone concerned about responsible fishing and the status of fish stocks, in particular the numerous bodies that purchase and consume Icelandic seafood. You can access the statement here:
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