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Monday, 11 May 2009 17:15
G.RUN's main role is the catching and processing of whitefish.
G.RUN aims to prepare only the best products, caught among fish stocks which come from pure, unpolluted ocean waters and which are utilised in a sensible, sustainable manner. We want to lead in quality management and product quality. We have the aim of always fulfilling customer expectations and delivering goods of the agreed quality, at the agreed time. We respect our environment and the community in which we operate, and endeavour to create a working environment that will attract qualified employees.
 Our paths to these aims include the following:
  • In fishing and processing, strong emphasis is placed on quality control. 
  • The internal quality control programme we use is in line with the procedures of HACCP (the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points). 
  • We apply the approach of total quality management, where every employee takes an active part in continuous progress towards improvement.
  • Samples of the raw material are taken both on board the fishing vessel and prior to processing. Catch handling is evaluated, and ship workers are given a report on the outcome. Fillet trimming undergoes constant, careful checking; should the need arise, a response is immediate.
  • Company premises and facilities are maintained in accordance with regulations and with the most stringent of food market demands. 
  • We especially emphasise not letting our products contain any harmful substances of a microbiological or chemical kind. 
  • In order to maintain their natural qualities, G.RUN products do not contain additives of any sort. 
  • G.RUN staff place their pride in combining wholesomeness, freshness, originality and profitability throughout the entire production cycle.
 The environment 
  • G.RUN supports the official Statement on Responsible Fisheries in Iceland and operates in every respect within the framework of Icelandic fisheries management, so that fish stocks are utilised in a self-sustaining way.
  • Efforts are ongoing to combine financial and environmental returns, by ensuring a more efficient use of energy, raw materials and other inputs in our operations.
  • Our premises and facilities are maintained in excellent shape and everything is kept tidy, in order to set a good example and contribute to the attractiveness of the community and the well-being of both staff and fellow residents. 
  • We emphasise equal opportunity, irrespective of gender, age and nationality.
  • Besides offering flexible working hours, we do not generally exceed an eight-hour workday if at all possible; this applies especially for on-shore processing and netmaking. 
  • When an interesting position opens, we first try to recruit from the ranks of our current employees, thereby giving them a chance to change their activities and develop themselves professionally.
  • G.RUN's general manager shall make certain that all members of company staff are acquainted with and understand G.RUN policy, and are guided by it during their work.

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