Statement regarding the use of additives

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Monday, 11 May 2009 17:15
In order to preserve the natural qualities of G.RUN products, the company’s Board of Directors has decided that none of the firm's products shall contain any supplementary additives. This decision applies to every additive, including those specified as such in the Regulation on Food Additives, No. 285/2002, and in Appendix II to this Regulation. Additives are substances put into foodstuffs for the purpose of affecting their storage life, colour, odour, taste or other properties, such as preservatives, binding agents and/or bulking agents. 
G.RUN engages in fishing and fish processing. While this mostly involves making frozen fish products, the company also exports fresh fish, taken mostly from its own catches.
The G.RUN Board of Directors guarantees that no additives have been put into any products prepared and sold by the firm.  To ensure the enforcement of this decision, operational guidelines have been developed for the purchasing as well as processing of our products. These operational guidelines have been incorporated into our quality manual, and their enforcement is ensured by on-site quality control wherever these guidelines apply. Anyone interested may obtain further information from the company's general manager, who will be happy to explain in more detail how the relevant procedures are organised and carried out. You can also read more about G.RUN quality management here.
In connection with the above, G.RUN has had a packaging label designed which signifies that the product is natural, is caught from wild stocks and does not contain any supplementary additives.
The company statement on these matters can be accessed as a PDF file here.
Click here to see the statement regarding the use of additives in PDF format.
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