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Monday, 11 May 2009 17:12
G.RUN aims to make whitefish products of the highest grade. In general, our vessels and processing plant focus on codhaddock and redfish. While most of the products consist of frozen fish packaged in blocks, we also produce fresh fish - primarily haddock and cod - for export by air. Furthermore, we sell fish mass, which provides an ingredient for various other products from these species. On the other hand, our product range has remained quite consistent in recent years, because the firm has achieved admirable success and specialisation by catching and processing these particular products. 

Every product comes from our fish processing plant in Grundarfjörður, which is equipped with the best technology. Far and away the greatest part of the fish we process comes from catches in our own vessels. This permits us to control the entire processing cycle ourselves, from hauling the fish out of the sea to packaging it, and thus to maximise product quality. Other factors contributing to extra product quality include short fishing trips, brief tows, good fishing gear maintenance, and always gutting, cleaning and cooling our catch properly. On returning to shore, we land the fish at our own plant and keep it refrigerated until heading, filleting and trimming it, in preparation for packaging.
All of the fish produced by G.RUN is caught wild in ocean waters off Iceland. In order to retain the natural qualities of our products, we never put any additives in. Please feel free to read here our company's declaration on the use of additives.

Our products are exported to customers in the USA or Europe, where they are either distributed to shops and restaurants or enter into further processing. The size and type of packaging are determined by the wishes of our customer.

You can read more about our products in the following product descriptions:

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