Community relations

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Monday, 11 May 2009 16:46
G.RUN is part and parcel of Grundarfjörður. This West Iceland fjord, south of Breiðafjörður bay, is where G.RUN was founded and has run its business ever since - operating its vessels from there, processing their catches there and running its net loft there for over 50 years.
Personnel number on average 85, counting those at sea as well as on land. In all, this amounts to close to 15-20% of those employed in Grundarfjörður. The company endeavours to provide flexibility for its employees and make it easy for them to fulfil their duties to family and community, for instance by allowing parents to attend events connected with the activities of their children. Moreover, GRUN makes an effort to nurture and promote a spirit of companionship within its staff, particularly in the social sphere of the company union and employee club. 
We stress tidiness, not least by carefully maintaining our entire premises and acting as a model for cleanliness and order on our company property. By doing this, we strive to contribute to an attractive community and to the well-being of both residents and tourists. We want to play our part in enriching the quality of community life around us. Both directly and indirectly, we have supported various community events and activities, such as work in sports, culture and charities. 
Where possible, we would like to increase our ties with local residents and enhance their familiarity with our business, in particular by giving children and teenagers the opportunity of finding out about us by visiting the firm. 
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