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The history of G.RUN goes back over sixty years. In many respects, the company’s history parallels that of Grundarfjörður: a growing community basing its livelihood on marine resources.
The fishing company Runólfur hf. was established in Grundarfjörður, using a wooden boat that Guðmundur Runólfsson and some others had built at Norðfjörður, in East Iceland. The company and the new boat, Runólfur SH-135, were both named after Guðmundur Runólfsson’s father, whose first name was Runólfur.
The wooden Runólfur SH-135 was sold and a steel vessel of 115 gross tonnes bought instead; it had the same name and was equipped with a power block. Guðmundur Runólfsson and some others had this boat built at Risör, Norway.
Guðmundur Runólfsson, trawler operator, signed an agreement with the Stálvík hf. shipyard on the building of a 47-metre-long stern trawler, again to be named Runólfur SH-135.
The public limited company Guðmundur Runólfsson hf. was founded on 18 December. It began by operating fishing vessels and a net loft. 
Runólfur SH-135, a stern trawler, arrived for the first time in Grundarfjörður on 19 January. Owned by the company for over twenty-three years, Runólfur landed its catches at the freezing plant Hraðfrystihús Grundarfjarðar, which later became Sæfang hf. In addition, Runólfur sometimes delivered its catch directly to overseas markets.
The company Sæfang hf. managed the Grundarfjörður freezing plant, which was owned by the same parties as Guðmundur Runólfsson hf. On 30 September 1993, these two companies merged, creating one company that engaged in fishing and fish processing as well as operating a net loft, all under the name of Guðmundur Runólfsson hf. After the merger of Guðmundur Runólfsson hf. with Sæfang hf., the policy was adopted of building up a strong whitefish processing business in Grundarfjörður. The processing of whitefish became the company's main business, and remains so today. The company has continued to strive for greater achievement in this field, with an eye to increasing performance, efficiency and quality in processing and thus increasing the profitability of the business.
The company bought the trawler Hringur SH 535. To start with, Hringur was only sent to fish outside the national fishery jurisdiction, since it had no permit for fishing within the Icelandic zone. 
The trawler Runólfur SH 135 was sold to Russia in May, but its fishing permit and catch quotas were transferred to Hringur SH 535. 
In December, the company bought two ships, Heiðrún GK 504 and Þór Pétursson GK 505, the name of which has now been changed to Helgi SH 135. Also, the catch quotas were purchased that still accompany these vessels.

Not only was a new logo adopted for the company, but a new website was also launched, with a revamped image. Increased emphasis was laid on ensuring that company products contain no additives and that packaging is identified with a special label in order to draw attention to this aspect.
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