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G.RUN is an Icelandic fishing company that specialises in catching and processing whitefish. Ever since we started, we have prided ourselves in producing only top-quality products from first-class raw materials, caught in the pure ocean waters off Iceland. Our company is middle-sized by Icelandic standards, and has always been located in Grundarfjörður, a fjord on the north side of Snæfellsnes peninsula. Though the company in its present form was founded in 1974, it has a history reaching back to 1947. Since that time, we have been building our reputation as one of Iceland's foremost fishing companies, with a name for quality. Throughout its long history, the company has been owned by the same family, with three generations involved in its operations and ongoing development. Nowadays an average of about 85 employees work in fishing, fish processing or netmaking. 
The company owns and operates two ships: Helgi SH 135, a 26-m trawler built in Ísafjörður, Iceland, in 1989, and Hringur SH 153, a 29-m trawler built in Scotland in 1999.  These vessels are both designed for stern trawling and each carries a crew of around ten. In 2008, the total catch of the two ships was approximately 6000 metric tonnes, mostly comprised of redfish, haddock and cod, taken on about 125 fishing trips. Each trip is fairly short, averaging about 2-5 days.
Fish processing
The fully equipped on-shore processing plant operated by GRUN specialises in whitefish - especially redfish, haddock and cod. From the very beginning, fish processing has expanded gradually but constantly. Today, we annually process around 1500-2000 metric tonnes of ready-for-use products, with an average of about 50 people working in the plant. You can read more about our products here.
In its excellent facilities, the G.RUN net loft employs three people. While most of the work has involved making bottom trawls for fishing vessels operated from Grundarfjörður, services have grown rapidly for shrimp vessels that operate from elsewhere along Breiðafjörður bay. We have top-notch facilities for working with wire, as well as for making and repairing rock hopper gear.  In addition, the net loft sells wires, chains, shackles and an assortment of other articles related to fishing gear and fishing gear technology. Finally, there is equipment for receiving and repairing the large-sized midwater trawls used by the trawler fleet for catching deepwater redfish.
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